Mark Praed Novels


A Sort of Justice, Book 1

Revenge is a sort of justice . . .

Mark Praed is a half-alien, half-human who has inherited a skill from his Kyreen mother that makes him a valuable asset at the Commonwealth Intelligence Service: he can read minds.

As a CIS agent, Praed uses his abilities to run a covert smuggling operation on Ludmalia, an alien planet conquered by a warrior race some two hundred years in the past. His goal is to help humans and Ludmalian rebels escape the planet after it is taken over by a militaristic dictator. But when his superior turns traitor and defects, Praed is captured, tortured for information by the man, and traded back to CIS.

Praed vows to track down the man that betrayed him. He transfers to the Commonwealth’s counterterrorist task force in order to use their resources to locate his traitorous commander. There he is teamed with operative Alexandra Lansing, an auburn-haired beauty who is also a by-the-book veteran of two years. Alex isn’t fond of change and is none too happy to be working with a partner who can read her mind whenever he feels like it.

Together Alex and Praed travel to a resort planet in an attempt to discover the source of an illegal arms pipeline in the sector. Their mission is to carry out routine surveillance on Jonathon Reul, owner of the planet, who is under suspicion of selling arms to anti-Commonwealth terrorists.

Praed finds it difficult working with a partner after two years on Ludmalia, running an escape operation without interference from a colleague. Alex is all about the job and wants to micromanage his process of investigation. He finds her meddling more than annoying. And her intense curiosity about his past is too intrusive for his liking.

But as ghosts from his past rear their ugly heads, their simple observe-and-report operation quickly becomes a life-or-death battle and a race against time to apprehend their quarry before he slips away.



Talon’s Touch, Book 2

The second year of their partnership finds Alex and Praed on the farming planet, Tallis, hunting for Talon, a particularly nasty but elusive terrorist. They have a lead: Randall Hamish, a drug dealer, has contacted Talon to help him clear the settlers off the planet.

Posing as a convicted felon, Praed infiltrates Hamish’s gang while Alex is sidelined in the farming settlement as his contact. When the meeting with Talon’s second in command takes place, Praed learns there is more to the terrorist than anyone realizes. Then Hamish discovers Praed’s deception, and Talon is anxious to take delivery of the operative as part of the deal with Hamish.

With Praed’s capture, Alex must choose: does she disobey Henry Davison’s orders and go after Praed? Or does she wait for backup?

Her decision made, she tricks Hamish into giving Praed to her, but that action precipitates a chain of events she doesn’t anticipate, and the final outcome is shocking.



Cruel Reckoning, Book 3

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