I was born, raised, and educated mostly in Orange County, California. I learned to read when I was four years old and had my own library card. My grade school teachers were not pleased when I would take my reading primers home and read them cover to cover the first night of school.

I became interested in writing early on and wrote my first short story in second grade about an ant. It ended rather abruptly when the ant was smashed by a foot.

I attended U. C. Riverside graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Medieval History and Technical Theatre, both guaranteed to keep me working in unrelated fields. I’ve moved many times, mostly east and northward, and traveled to Europe several times (Scotland is my favorite destination). I’ve tried numerous occupations including climbing telephone poles, picking oranges on a kibbutz in Israel, managing a bookstore, teaching high school and managing a surgical wound healing research lab.

I now live in rural Eastern Washington State with my husband, and three pets: a wolf-canine mix, a cattle dog, and a cat who thinks she’s a dog. In the winter I shovel snow and in the summer I garden. I also spend a lot of time on my laptop.

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